Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Smart APs

Dual-Band, Three-Stream 802.11ac 3X3:3 Wi-Fi

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Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Smart AP

The Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 R700 is the first dual-band,

three- stream 802.11ac access point that incorporates

Ruckus-patented BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna arrays.


The ZoneFlex R700 ensures the most reliable connectivity

within challenging and ever-changing RF environments. With BeamFlex+, the R700 offers up to 2x increase in performance and range and is capable of delivering up to 6dB of signal-to-interference-plus-noise (SINR) improvement and up to 15dB

of interference mitigation over other APs. The R700 simultaneously supports spatial multiplexing and

BeamFlex+ to deliver the best price/performance of any

three-stream 802.11ac AP.


With a throughput of 450 Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1.3 Gbps

(5GHz), the ZoneFlex R700 ensures maximum throughput

to three-stream capable clients while also improving single

and dual-stream client performance. This is achieved

through the unique combination of adaptive antenna technology, predictive channel selection and adaptive polarization diversity. Backward compatible with all existing clients, the R700 can function either as a standalone AP or

as part of centrally-managed Wireless LAN with the

Ruckus ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controller.



ZoneFlex R700 is purpose-built for high-capacity, high performance and interference-laden environments

such as airports, public venues, hotels, universities and conference centers. The perfect choice for data-intensive streaming multimedia applications, the ZoneFlex R700

delivers picture perfect HD-quality IP video while supporting VoIP and data applications that have stringent quality of

service requirements.


Dual-band concurrent (5GHz/2.4GHz)


80 MHz channelization; 256-QAM modulation support; 1.3 Gbps PHY rates at 5 GHz


Automatic interference avoidance, optimized for high-density environments


BeamFlex+ (PD-MRC) improves signal reception of mobile devices


Standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)


Unmatched Rx sensitivity down to -99 dBm


Integrated smart antenna array with a thousand unique patterns for ultra-reliability

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R700 Datasheet


1200 Datasheet

ZoneFlex Indoor Access Points

In the world of wireless LANs (WLANs), power and simplicity are like oil

and water — they’ve just never mixed — until now.


Our Ruckus WLAN systems brings power and simplicity together for

large-scale indoor deployments — along with all the requisite capabilities demanded:


• Seamless interoperability

• Advanced Wi-Fi security

• Massive scalability

• Best-in-class performance

• Robust WLAN management


What’s more, Ruckus WLAN solutions combine one of the best centrally managed WLANs with jaw-dropping advances in intelligent RF routing

and Smart WiFi meshing. The result? One of the best WLAN products

and technologies that money can buy. Here are more bullets to mull over:


• Patented Smart Wi-Fi antenna array technology: BeamFlex, which

   provides extended range and adaptive signal steering, for the most

   reliable WiFi, period


• Predictive real-time capacity channel selection – ChannelFly is one of

   the industry’s most effective approaches to channel selection resulting

   in up to 50 percent better performance


• Optimum signal path selection, interference mitigation, and auto RF

   management, for a consistent user experience


• Smart Mesh Networking to eliminate the costly, cumbersome task of

   pulling Ethernet cable wherever you want access points

• State-of-the-art security —

   from 802.1x support to

   Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys,

   all the latest link layer

   encryption and

   authentication mechanisms

   you’d expect but now made

   simple to administer and



• High-performance dual-band

   802.11ac Wave 2 access points

   (meshed or wired) that deliver

   consistently high performance

   at range to new 802.11ac and

   legacy 802.11a/b/g/n clients


• Better coverage with fewer

   access points


• Configuration in minutes and installation in hours, without cumbersome

   site surveys or tedious network setup


• Smart Wi-Fi access points that can be flexibly deployed with or without

   a Smart WLAN controller


• Controller stays out of the data path of wireless LAN clients and handles

   management traffic only


• Smart Wi-Fi access points handle all control traffic and probe request

   responses, as well as the data path between wireless clients

Ultra-fast and Reliable Smart WiFi Access

Points with Adaptive Antenna Technology


For greater speed, fewer errors, and instant bandwidth delivery, BeamFlex offers first-of-its-kind Adaptive Antenna Technology that maximizes signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity. It delivers MIMO benefits to 802.11a/b/g/n and .11ac Wave 2 devices, to further increase MIMO diversity gain and maximize spatial multiplexing potential — at minimal cost.


BeamFlex consists of a smart, compact antenna array with multiple elements, which can be combined in real time to form unique antenna patterns. The advanced BeamFlex system software continually learns the environment with all its hostilities and interference sources, including disruptive RF conditions, numerous communicating devices, network performance issues, and application flows. Then, it selects the optimum antenna pattern for each communicating device in

real time, while actively mitigating interference and minimizing noise to nearby networks and devices.


BeamFlex offers:

• Over 3X increase in performance and range

• 8X expanded coverage

• Stabilized wireless network performance, for picture

   perfect video streaming and crystal-clear voice


• Maximized power efficiency

• Interference mitigation


Unlike omni-directional antennas that radiate signals

in all directions, BeamFlex directs transmit energy towards the best path to the receiving device. And

unlike fixed-positioned directional antennas, BeamFlex dynamically configures its "beam" on a per-station,

per-packet basis, to achieve omni-directional coverage.


BeamFlex+ is an enhancement

to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive

antenna technology that

provides adaptive support

to mobile devices. BeamFlex+

enables antennas to adapt to

client device orientation in

addition to  device location.


How it works: All antennas have a property called polarization,

which refers to the physical orientation of the wireless signal that that

antenna is configured to receive or transmit. For best performance, the antenna polarizations of the two sides of a wireless link (e.g. AP and client) should be aligned. In practice, the respective antenna polarizations of APs and clients are seldom aligned, especially for mobile device clients that users frequently rotate and hold in different orientations (i.e. smartphones and tablets).


BeamFlex+ adaptive antennas feature a mix of two distinct polarizations (vertical and horizontal) across antenna elements. The signals received on these antennas, across the two distinct polarizations of BeamFlex+, are combined by the AP in such a way as to maximize the received signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the best possible performance. This has the same effect as if the AP were physically aligning its antennas with the client device. The adaptive nature of BeamFlex+ means that the antennas adapt to client device orientation in real-time.


BeamFlex+ can enhance the user experience by ensuring a consistent wireless signal. Without BeamFlex+, changing client device orientation can cause up to 2.5x performance difference. BeamFlex+ eliminates this variability and ensures optimum performance for any client device orientation, making APs with BeamFlex+ perfectly suited for serving mobile devices.

The Smart Wi-Fi Antenna Technology That

Steers Signals to High-Quality Paths

802.11g Measurement Test

System Management and Control

Ruckus delivers two software platforms and a managed-service platform that are complimentary and address different needs

of our customers. The ZoneDirector software platform delivers a rich WiFi feature set. It best addresses the needs of small to medium on-premise WiFi deployments. The SmartZone software platform provides carrier-class performance, form factor flexibility, and high-performance WiFi that can scale as an enterprise or a service provider grows.

SmartZone Platform

The Ruckus SmartZone software platform provides unified software architecture across wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers for appliance, virtualized and cloud environments offering the ultimate in deployment flexibility. This new Wi-Fi software offers a tremendous level of flexibility: scaling up to 300,000 devices, offering single and multi-tenancy, as well as ‘WiFi-as-you-grow’ — the capability for your network to expand with and adapt to the changing needs of your business.

ZoneDirector Platform

IT staff love cool networking features but not if it

requires two-years of tedious training and massive manuals.


Our Ruckus Smart/OS software and applications is

just that: smart. It delivers a bunch of wireless LAN features not found in any other centrally-managed system. And we don't nickel and dime you for them. Capabilities like:


• Adaptive wireless meshing

• Sophisticated user access controls

• Automatic traffic redirection

• Integrated Wi-Fi client performance tools

• Elegant and simple guest networking functions

• Rogue AP detection & advanced Wi-Fi security features

• Flexible WLAN groups

• Extensive authentication support

• Robust network management - and it gets better…


Ruckus Smart/OS is widely-considered the most

simple and straight forward centralized WLAN

software system there is. Ruckus Smart/OS runs on

all our ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers and

uses a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration of the entire

WLAN a breeze.

FlexMaster Centralized

Wi-Fi Management

The Ruckus FlexMaster Management

System (9.0) is a fully-featured, intuitive,

and complete Linux-based managed

service platform for configuration, fault

detection, audit, performance

management and optimization of

hundreds of thousands of remote

Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless

LANs (WLANs) from a single point. It provides a unique collection

of automated and customized facilities not found in other

management platforms such as an automated and customized

super dashboard, trending reports and customized graphs,

detailed client data for planning and troubleshooting and

comprehensive events management.


Fitting seamlessly into existing operational support systems

(OSS), FlexMaster is ideal for telecommunication carriers, multi-

service operators, and broadband providers looking to monetize

Wi-Fi services in growing new services markets, including

hotspots, hotzones, home spots, and IPTV services. FlexMaster

offers tiered administration, making it the perfect platform for

offering managed WLAN service or cloud-based WLAN

management services.

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